Your best friend just got engaged and asked you to be best man. The hope that his fiancé will want to get married in a couple of years has faded away and reality is next summer.

What do you do for your friend’s bachelor party?

There are lots of ways to find ideas, including watching segments of the “Hangover” to identify ways NOT to hold a stag party.

The groom has been your friend since freshman year of college. You know that he is a little more conservative than he was during your fraternity days. Now, just because his idea of fun doesn’t consist of strippers and gambling, doesn’t mean the bachelor party is not going to be fun.

It’s time to get creative.

You can mix it up from the ho-hum routine bachelor parties of pole dancing and beer and get unique…well, maybe still include the beer. Consider these ideas for planning your best bro’s bachelor party:

Taste Craft Cocktails

Arrange your own private “tasting” at a Black Pearl Ann Arbor to heighten the experience and class up of an ordinary bar experience. This ain’t cheap but will make your soon-to-be groom feel like Don Draper. If the groom isn’t a liquor or wine drinker, a beer tasting can be just as fun and less stuffy for the more casual groom.

Take in a game

If you can swing it, get box seats to the groom’s favorite sporting event….and plan a friendly dinner before or after at the Black Pearl.

Watch the game - without traveling

Between the Wolverines, Spartans, Tigers, Lions and Red Wings there’s always something to watch and enjoy. Use our 80” flat screen and surround sound to quickly create the ambiance of a “man cave”. With a little notice, couches, lounge chairs and even a coffee table for your feet can be arranged. Better yet, we can offer chair side bar service and create the perfect mix of traditional game food or kick it up a notch with fish tacos, burgers, oysters, shrimp or the seasoned beef tips that made us famous!

Hit a show

On any given night there are at least a few music concerts, comedy shows or other entertainment around Ann Arbor. Grab dinner, pregame the show, and sing your heart out to one of the groom’s favorite bands. Concerts are guaranteed to be fun and easy planning.

Go Extreme

The plunge into marriage will feel like a piece of cake after jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft. If the idea of skydiving is too expensive , try bungee jumping, hang gliding, scuba diving, mountain climbing, surfing, or even shark hunting (observing sharks while scuba diving).

There’s nothing like defying death to bring a group of guys closer and to get the groom prepared for the big day. If those ideas don’t thrill your crew, rent a few go-carts for the day and race around the track before coming back to the Black Pearl for a relaxing dinner and drinks for all.

Here are just a few local resources to help you get started: