Sorry, I can’t make the trip.

You no longer have to be present, onsite, for a meeting. Digital technology has enhanced how we do business.

Imagine yourself back to the birth of our country. In the 1770’s there were no lines stretched across the colonies carrying messages via telegraph, phone or other types of bits & bytes. Not to mention the only satellite at the time was the Moon and we couldn’t use it to send a signal into space and have it bounce back to another location on the globe.

In the time of the revolution if the forefathers wanted to hold a meeting of the minds they would need to send out a notice via horseback weeks in advance of the gathering date.

Meetings in a flash.

Today, meetings can be scheduled minutes in advance.

Today, we can use technology to not only invite the participants but actually schedule it on their calendar.

Today, meeting rooms have evolved to include technology that allows us to gather face-to-face while still being anywhere in the world.

Ironically though, technology hasn’t completely eliminated the need for the meeting room. A meeting space, a place where the meeting can be initiated is a necessity. Whereas this meeting space may be an office or a living room, commercial meeting spaces’ technology has to include those who couldn’t make it across the country, whether on horseback, train, plane or car, on the specified date and time.

Pressing the flesh.

This newer technology helps us move at a much faster pace but detracts from some of the experience an in-person meeting provides.

Can you imagine the forefathers coming up with the Declaration of Independence without so much as a pint shared together at the local tavern? It’s these times, having those important ‘offline’ conversations to work out the nits and share the aspects of their personal lives, where the real work is done.

Today, meeting rooms still provide the outlet for the formal agenda which can be accomplished through conference calls, facetime, hangouts, etc but meeting space also gives us the opportunity to socialize, both before and after the work is done.

When selecting a meeting room, here are 8 items to consider before choosing the right space:

  1. Location
  2. Meeting Room Capacity
  3. Flexibility of the Room’s Setup
  4. Technology and Types of AV Equipment
  5. Decor
  6. Quality of Food and Beverage
  7. Staffing Needs
  8. The Overall Participant’s Experience