Meeting spaces have evolved and, in many cases, flip charts, markers and chalkboards have been replaced with technology.

Depending on the meeting:

  • Gone are the days of the flipchart where facilitators write the answers of their boisterous meeting participants.
  • Gone are the expensive rental fees associated with digital projectors that weighed more than some small cars.
  • Gone are the tabletop conference phones that often required participants to exit their seat and move closer to the mic so those at the other end could hear their question or comment.

The technology in today’s meetings spaces has evolved to better serve the customer and their guests. Long VGA cables have been replaced with Chromecast or Apple Air. Digital projectors now find themselves on the trash heap as large screen high-definition light-emitting diode televisions (HD LED TV) replace the, sometimes finicky, drop-down screen.

Meeting preppers and facilitators can now connect to their presentations directly through WiFi to a file saved in the cloud. Participant comments can be written directly on an iPad or Tablet to be projected real-time to the monitor. Polls and their results are rendered real-time using online surveys through the use of smartphone apps, ending the need for a show of hands, or a yea or nay verbal vote.

Technology is now like a chair or table and should be included in the basic rental price.

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