What type of meeting space are you seeking in Ann Arbor? There are a variety of meeting types. Below are a few meeting types and their descriptions.

If you are looking for meeting space to accommodate your business, when speaking with an event planner ask if they have provided services to other clients and what type of meeting setup worked the best. This will help you identify and fulfill your needs.

Annual General Meetings

An Annual General Meeting (AGM), or a shareholders meeting, is a large gathering held by publicly traded companies. These meetings are held in order to let shareholders ask the board of directors questions about a company’s health, as well as to elect new members to the board.

Consider lecture seating with a head table.

Board Meetings

While the term “Board Meeting” technically means a gathering of a company or organization’s board of directors, to us a board meeting really is a gathering of decision makers. At this gathering, important facts are presented and decisions are made as to the best course of action to take in the coming months.

Consider a single rectangular table with seating all around.

At times, you may be seeking a venue to display new products, ideas or demonstrations. Consider a completely open floor format with some high-tops and no seating.


An exhibition is a trade show that focuses on B2B businesses.

Expo or Expositions

An expo is a large scale exhibition or trade show often conducted on an international level. One of the most common examples of an expo is The World’s Fair.


A fair is a trade show or expo organized for the purpose of exhibiting arts and crafts, industrial products and agricultural products, but more local and on a smaller scale. Unlike most trade shows, entertainment and fair food (think fried twinkies and french fry studded corn dogs!) are often a major draw.

In addition to business meetings, there are a vast variety of functions which can be held in a meeting space such as a social gathering or party, or perhaps sometimes of a ceremonial nature.

Consideration for a function really depends on the type. For example, a Meetup may use the format similar to an exhibition with an open floor feel and some high-tops. Parties may use this same seating format or even that of the board meeting mentioned above.


A fundraiser can be a party, dance, dinner organized for the express purpose of raising money for a cause or organization.


A meetup is an informal meeting or get-together organized for people with similar interests. These interests can be anything: dating, networking, board games, romance novels, meditation, hiking, wine tasting–just to name a few. Most meetups are associated with meetup.com, a website that provides listing services for meetups.

Social Events

A large gathering organized to celebrate major life events and religious ceremonies. Common social events include: anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, and bar/bat mitzvahs.

Political Events

Political events are organized to raise awareness or funds for a particular candidate or cause. Democratic and Republican national conventions, the largest political events in the U.S. are organized to energize the base and bring in delegates from each of the 50 states.

It’s always best to fully describe to your event planner what your intentions and expectations are for any event. Their experience will help you design and provide a memorable event for all who attend, including yourself.