You may know Black Pearl for our seafood and martinis, but did you know we also grow microgreens? Located next to our kitchen is a grow room, which is the main location for the Black Pearl Gardens. That’s right - microgreens are grown right inside of the Black Pearl! We have also started growing at a 4,000 square foot warehouse, allowing us to produce more microgreens. Here are the restaurants and markets we currently supply to:


  • Aventura
  • Black Pearl
  • Prickly Pear
  • Paesano
  • Vinology
  • Zingerman’s


  • Arbor Farms
  • Argus Farms
  • Fresh Farms Market
  • Holiday Market
  • Lucky’s Market
  • Plum Market
  • Westborn Market

Varieties and Mixes

We regularly grow 20 different varieties of microgreens, some of our most popular being: arugula, broccoli, kale, and radish. We also produce four different mixes: mild mix, spicy mix, Asian greens mix, and Italian mix.

Next time you’re at Black Pearl, try one of our dishes featuring our microgreens. You can even ask your server or bartender for a tour of the Black Pearl Gardens!